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Karolinska Institutet (KI)Karolinska Institutet (KI)

Karolinska Institutet (KI)
Dept of Pediatrics
B57, Karolinska Huddinge
SE-14186 Stockholm


Karolinska Institutet

Participant's Lead

Prof. Mats Blennow Prof. Mats Blennow
Senior lecturer; President of the European Society of Neonatology 
Phone: +46 7048 46269 
Fax: +46 8585 87575 
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Project Staff

Dr. Boubou Hallberg Dr. Boubou Hallberg
Clinical lead KI 
Phone: +46 70 4845 943 
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Dr. Katarina Robertson Grossmann Dr. Katarina Robertson Grossmann
PhD student 
Phone: +46 70 7250 148 
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Mrs. Ingela Edqvist Mrs. Ingela Edqvist
Research nurse 
Phone: +46 7362 51874 
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Institute Presentation

Karolinska Institutet is one of Europe's largest medical universities. It is also Sweden's largest centre for medical training and research. The Nobel Prize has been handed out since 1901, and the laureate in Physiology or Medicine is nominated by the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institutet. 600 research groups span the full spectrum of medical disciplines. Each year, researchers at Karolinska Institute publish approximately 4,000 articles in international scientific journals. Karolinska Institutet's publications from 2006 were cited 41 per cent more often than the global average.
The department of neonatology at the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm is the largest tertiary care NICU in Sweden. The department is responsible for neonatal intensive care for the greater Stockholm region with a total annual birth rate of 28,000 infants / year, and is responsible for NICUs at three of the Stockholm hospitals.

Neonatal neurology is one main research area in the department. Research includes experimental studies on brain development, respiratory control and brain damage, clinical trials on both normal brain development, emergence of consciousness, pain and brain damage. The department has a long tradition in delivering courses of excellence, both national and international. The clinical neonatal neurological research is organised in a special group- the Neonatal Brain Imaging Group (NeoBIG) consisting of neonatologists, developmental pediatricians, neuroradiologists, MR-physicists and neurophysiologists. Several papers in high impact journals have been published over the last few years, and the group has been successful in its fundraisings. Three of the main researchers (H Lagercrantz, U Ådén and M Blennow) are members of the European Neonatal Brain Club.
The main research topics are: perinatal asphyxia, brain damages in extremely preterm infants, functional imaging of the newborn brain using near infra red spectroscopy in development and disease, experimental brain damages in ELGA-infants, and the emergence of consciousness.


Karolinska Institutet (KI)