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University College Cork (UCC)

University College Cork (UCC)
Western Road


University College Cork

Teamleader and NEMO co-coordinator

Prof. Geraldine Boylan Prof. Geraldine Boylan
Project co-coordinator, Workpackage leader WP5 and 11 
Phone: +353 214 901 519 
Fax: +353 314 901 594 
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Project Staff

Dr. Brendan Murphy Dr. Brendan Murphy
Local Principal Investigator Cork 
Phone: +353 214 920 524 
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Dr. Deirdre Murray Dr. Deirdre Murray
Co-Leader Work Package 05 and Co-PI 
Phone: +353 214 901 271 
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Ms. Jackie O'Leary Ms. Jackie O'Leary
NEMO Study Monitor and Trial Co-ordinator 
Phone: +353 21 4205944 
Fax: +353 214205367 
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Ms. Mairead Murray Ms. Mairead Murray
Clinical Research Co-ordinator and Cork Project Manager 
Phone: +353 861 078 236 
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Ms. Brenda O'Flynn Ms. Brenda O'Flynn
Administration and Finance Manager 
Phone: +353 214 205061 
Fax: +353 214 205025 
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Dr. Vicki Livingstone Dr. Vicki Livingstone
NEMO Trial Biostatistician  
Phone: +353 214 205061 
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Prof. John Morrison Prof. John Morrison
Data access and storage / Remote monitoring 
Phone: +353 214 205 944 
Fax: +353 214 205 367 
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Institute Presentation

The Neonatal Brain Research Group, University College Cork is a multidisciplinary team, established in 2003 to investigate brain injury and seizures in newborn babies. Based in the in the new 50-cot state of the art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Cork University Maternity Hospital, the group specialise in the analysis of the electroencephalogram (EEG) and other physiological signals. The overall aim of the group is to improve the long term health outcomes of newborn babies through early and accurate detection of neurological problems. The team consists of clinicians, scientists and engineers who are currently working on new classifications of the neonatal EEG, investigating the application of the EEG to diagnosis and prognosis, and developing methods to automatically analyse the EEG. We are also developing applications of teleneurophysiology and assessing the effect of medication on sick newborns.

Geraldine Boylan is Director of The Neonatal Brain Research Group and has extensive experience in both Ireland and the UK of clinical trials and neonatal EEG. Professor of Neonatal Physiology in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, UCC she is also Co-director of the INFANT centre, the first Irish Neonatal and Translational Research centre. She is a Work Package Leader on the HIP Project and has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Strategic Translational Award to develop an Algorithm for Neonatal Seizure Recognition (ANSeR).

Brendan Murphy is a Consultant Neonatologist and is based at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cork University Maternity Hospital. He is the Coordinator for the Republic of Ireland of NICORE (Neonatal Intensive Care Outcomes Research & Evaluation) and has been appointed the National Clinical Lead to implement the introduction of a Maternal and Newborn Clinical Management System throughout all Irish public maternity hospitals.

Deirdre Murray is a Consultant Paediatrician in Cork University Hospital and Senior Lecturer in UCC. She has just completed a 5 year follow up study of babies with HIE and was the PI in Ireland for the TOBY cooling study. She is the PI for the BiHIVE 2 study: Validation of biomarkers in HIE which is currently recruiting in Ireland and Sweden.

Jackie O'Leary is based in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health UCC and has extensive experience in Clinical Trials both in Study Monitoring and Quality Control. She is the NEMO Study Monitor and is also acting Trial Co-ordinator.

John Morrison is the Director of the Boole Centre for Research Informatics (BSRI) at University College Cork and is currently developing a web-based EEG monitoring and reporting tool for neonatal EEG.

Brenda O'Flynn is an administrator in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, UCC and she is financial manager for the Neonatal Brain Research Group and its associated research projects.

Mairead Murray is the Clinical Research co-ordinator for the NEMO study and Cork project Manager. She has experience in multinational Clinical Trials and project co-ordination and has worked in both paediatric and neonatal research projects.

Vicki Livingstone is a biostatistician working with the NEMO Group. She is interested in the application of statistics to real-life problems in the health sciences area. She graduated with a Master in Statistics from UCC and PhD from the University of Limerick. Prior to returning to Cork, she was a Lecturer in Biostatistics in the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

University College Cork (UCC)