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University College London (UCL)

University College London (UCL)
Gower Street 1
United Kingdom

University College London


Teamleader and NEMO coordinator

Dr. Ronit Pressler Dr. Ronit Pressler
NEMO project coordinator; Senior lecturer and consultant in clinical neurophysiology; leader of workpackage 01 + 04 
Phone: +44 207 8138488 
Fax: +44 20 78298627 
E-Mail to Dr. Ronit Pressler Contact  

Project Staff

Prof. Neil Marlow Prof. Neil Marlow
Professor of Neonatology, Consultant Neonatologist, leader of workpackage 07 
Phone: +44 20 7679 6060 
Fax: +44 20 7383 7429 
E-Mail to Prof. Neil Marlow Contact  

Dr. Janet Rennie Dr. Janet Rennie
Consultant Neonatologist, leader of workpackage 02 
Phone: +44 20 7387 9300 ext 8692 
E-Mail to Dr. Janet Rennie Contact  

Matthias Ensslen Matthias Ensslen
Research Fellow 
Phone: +44 0207 599 4102 
Fax: +44 0207 430 0032  
E-Mail to Matthias Ensslen Contact  

Birgit Pimpel Birgit Pimpel
Research assistant 
Phone: +44 0207 599 4102 
Fax: +44 0207 430 0032 
E-Mail to Birgit Pimpel Contact  

Louise Jones Louise Jones
PA to the coordinator 
Phone: +441342831212 
Fax: +44 (207) 430 0032 
E-Mail to Louise Jones Contact  

Dr. Samantha Johnson
Clinical Psychologist 
Phone: +44 20 7679 6060 
E-Mail to Dr. Samantha Johnson Contact  

Institute Presentation

UCL (University College London) is one of UK’s premier universities and a world-class research and teaching institution based in London with an annual turnover approaching £500 million and involvement in more than 400 EU-funded research collaborations; a world-class multidisciplinary research and teaching institution, whose staff and former students have included 19 Nobel Prize winners.  Founded in 1826, UCL was the first university in England to admit students regardless of race, religion or gender. It continues to thrive on the creativity and diversity of its community which today comprises 8,000 staff, and 12,000 undergraduates and 7,000 graduate students from 130 countries across the globe.

In partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital and as part of UCL, the Institute of Child Health is the leading British academic research institution for child health and has an international reputation in many areas of child health including epilepsy research. Examples of external recognition for our work include the maximum Grade 5*A that was awarded to ICH in the 2001 HEFCE Research Assessment Exercise, one of only four in clinical sciences. The epilepsy research programme within this unit has an international reputation with an extensive output of publications and high success rate in obtaining external peer-reviewed funding. It is currently also involved as a partner in the European project EPICURE and in EUROPED.

The UCL Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute for Women’s Health, a joint venture between two world-renowned institutions, University College London (UCL) and University College London Hospital (UCLH) brings together individuals with expertise across the whole spectrum of women’s health from maternal and fetal medicine to clinical skills to social and behavioural sciences, both in the UK and internationally, by pioneering research, education programmes and clinical initiatives.

University College London Hospital (UCLH) has a large level III perinatal centre with a specific interest in perinatal brain injury.

Ronit Pressler has a national and international reputation in the field of diagnosis and treatment of neonatal seizures and has wide experience in antiepileptic drug studies in neonates and children with epilepsy.
Neil Marlow
is Director of the Institute for Women’s Health and current President of the European Society for Paediatric Research. His research interests include early care of the newborn, particularly in relation to brain development and injury, and he has led several large studies in the field including EPICure - a national cohort study of birth before 26 weeks of gestation that has guided national policy.
Janet Rennie has very wide clinical experience, with over 20 years in full time neonatal practice and a knowledge base supplemented by editing and writing textbooks of neonatology. She has a special interest in neonatal brain injury and neonatal seizures.

University College London (UCL)