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University of Leeds (UNIVLEEDS)

University of Leeds (UNIVLEEDS)
Woodhouse Lane
LS2 9JT Leeds

United Kingdom

University of Leeds


Prof. Malcolm Levene Prof. Malcolm Levene
Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health 
Phone: +44 113 343 4708 
Fax: +44 113 392 3902 
E-Mail to Prof. Malcolm Levene Contact  

Project Staff

Dr. Sharon English Dr. Sharon English
Clinical lead for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 
Phone: +44 113 392 3905 
Fax: +44 113 392 3905 
E-Mail to Dr. Sharon English Contact  

Institute Presentation

The University of Leeds is a major research institution in Britain. Prof Levene's group in the academic department of paediatrics at the University of Leeds has had a major role in two of the few MRC funded randomised controlled trials in perinatal medicine over the last 15 years including the highly successful GRIT study (growth restriction intervention trial and subsequent follow-up of the recruited subjects) and the TOBY study (total body hypothermia following severe birth asphyxia) which were funded by the MRC to over £2.5m. The research group at Leeds has been involved in the planning, recruitment, management and steering committees of these trials. Prof Levene is a co-grant holder (UK MRC) for the TOBY study which has just completed a very successful trial and is in the process of writing up results.

The Leeds Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) is a major medical centre in Britain with one of the largest neonatal units in the country and provides care for over 10,000 births a year and acts as a regional referral unit for critically ill neonates as well as neonatal surgical, neurosurgical and cardiac referrals from a population of almost 4m people. The combined neonatal intensive care units at the LTHT admit 500 babies for intensive care per year and have extensive experience in undertaking clinical trials.

Malcolm Levene is a practising neonatologist in Leeds with extensive experience in neonatal research with over 200 peer review papers and a definitive multi-author textbook now in its fourth edition on neurology of the fetal and neonatal brain.

University of Leeds (UNIVLEEDS)