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Workpackage 02

Workpackage lead and partners:

Academic Lead: Dr. Janet Rennie (UCL)

WP partners: UCC, GABO:mi

Workpackage objectives

  • To provide training workshops to all consortium participants, ensuring standardisation at all sites.
  • To develop web based educational tools those who are required to perform and interpret aEEG at the cotside in neonatal intensive care units.
  • To develop a web based educational tool for parents providing information on neonatal seizures.

Workpackage description

This work package will provide a framework for sharing information and will be of use to healthcare professionals, academics, parents and families. The aim is to increase awareness of the NEMO study and to maintain common standards and goals.

Task 1: Workshops will be arranged for consortium members who require information about any aspect of the study but in particular the clinical trial protocol, cerebral ultrasound examinations, EEG recording procedures (with input from WP 06), neurodevelopment assessment tools (with input from WP 07) and the trial database system (with input from WP 05).

Task 2: To raise awareness of the NEMO consortium through contact with clinicians, medicines for children networks, the EMEA, funding agencies and the scientific community worldwide.

Task 2a: To develop information for general dissemination to the public about the study; this will be pitched appropriately using non-scientific language.

Task 2 b: To consult with patient groups and inform them about the study. By working closely with these groups we aim to develop useful education resources for both healthcare staff and parents particularly with regard to seizures, treatment and informing families about the possible outcomes.

Task 3: We will develop a web-based educational tool for clinicians. This site will contain information about seizures, their treatment and also about methods of detection using EEG and we will also include a neurodevelopment resource (in conjunction with WP 06 and WP 07).

Task 4: GABO:mi will support the training WP with general organisation of the workshops.

WP02 - Education and training